Monday, July 21, 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 27

And now we've made it back to the SERIOUS shoe posts. Meaning the shoes are serious. Not the posts.

The last blog will be a tough act to follow. I mean, going from love and paradise back to just plain ol' Katie and her shoes... it's a lot of pressure. But who am I to try and silence my love for heels? It can't be done. And so, we soldier on, people.

Given that my budget is a LOT tighter these days than it used to be, the only time I really get to make new purchases is when I can find a really great deal, or have several month's worth of ShoeDazzle VIP credit to spend. This month happened to be both. Caught ShoeDazzle on a Buy One, Get One sale. I honestly can't remember if it was free or 1/2 off, but that plus my credit balance, I got two pair for practically nothing.

The day I decided to wear these, I had my outfit picked out the night before. I had kind of noticed earlier that day at work, my toe was hurting. But didn't think anything of it. Figured I just stubbed it, or something and it would be fine the next day. So I get up that morning, start getting ready for work, look down, and:

This picture actually doesn't do it justice. Hard to tell, but the whole toe was black and blue, and much darker than it appears here. So I apparently either REALLY jammed it, or somehow managed to break my toe... without having a clue it happened. Not sure if this should concern me, or I should be grateful. Either way, you can't keep a good girl down... I wasn't letting one measly broken toe stop me from workin' these new shoes out!

And so, off to work I went. Got a couple of comments during the day, either from people who had seen my post on Facebook about my broken toe, or ones that were looking at my shoes, and could see the multi-colored toe peeking between the straps, "Doesn't that heel put too much strain on your toe?" To which I gave the only acceptable answer, "Hey, when you're devoted, YOU'RE DEVOTED." 

Shoe love is real, and it's DEEP, y'all.

Name: Zofia Brand: ShoeDazzle
Review: 5" heel. Fits true to size, length-wise. I know I am always telling y'all about my crazy long toes, and how ShoeDazzle's pumps usually squish them like crazy if I don't put them on JUST right. Well, these shoes prove my point. The only toes that stayed on the shoe during the day were my big toe, and "pointer" toe. The rest, as I walked, I could feel them touching the floor/ground. The tip of the shoe is SUPER slender. But the shoes themselves are comfy, and the straps are loose enough that you don't get that digging in, like you do with some strappy shoes.

I had to improvise on the outfit picture, as I was going out for drinks after work, and knew I'd forget to take it by the time I got home. Since I knew I had some time to kill between work and meeting people out, I went to "shop", i.e. pretend I'm trying something on, so I can use the dressing room mirror for my outfit pic. 

Whatever works, right?


  1. Hahaha LOVE the outfit location! The suspense of scrolling down to see the work-appropriate outfit after seeing those shoes was amazing!

    1. Well, and keep in mind the bolero sweater was over it at work. It was just hot as a mother out that day, so I lost the sweater as soon as I left work. :-)