Friday, April 11, 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 23

So, a lot has changed since last I really dove into my personal life on this blog. Not that I've ever really gotten all philosophical on you, or anything. But from time to time (i.e. Aerosmith and Wizard of Oz) I give you a glimpse of Katie in more than just a story of shoes.

Aerosmith... dangit... I still have that blog/review I was going to write like a year ago...

After a LOT of life changes in the last year 1/2, I've moved in with Dad to try and get back on track financially, and just with life in general. It's been almost 5 months, and I can proudly say I finally am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a ways to go. But compared to where I was just a few short months ago... PROGRESS.

That being said, with a new location comes a new challenge of finding the right location, lighting, etc. for my shoe/outfit pictures. So, bear with me while I work on that. You'll still get the general idea.

While I am and always will be a sucker for a good pump or strappy sandal, I've come to find out I also have a weakness for over-the-knee boots. Stylish and sexy, they make a good alternative when you want to switch things up, and ESPECIALLY when winter rolls around and strappy shoes aren't an option unless you want frostbite.

So when my ShoeDazzle (shocker, right?) balance got up to a hefty amount thanks to my monthly fee and cashing in my Style Points for a $39.95 credit, I figured I might as well see what kind of fun I could have on the site. Ended up purchasing three pairs of shoes that day. These boots had sold out when I still wanted them, but they either restocked or someone returned one in my size. Fate!

Brand: ShoeDazzle Name: Jahmesia
Review: 4" heel. Fits true to size. I was a little worried about them not zipping up all the way around my thighs. Thankfully, there is a bit of elastic right at the top inch or so of the boot, and that was enough to allow the room. If you have thick thighs... oh gosh, it seems like there was an Allison blog related to, or mentioning, this topic - now I can't remember... these might be a stretch. No pun intended.

Again, working on where to take the outfit shots, so for now excuse the blurriness. And not being able to see the bottom of the shoes. I'll figure it out. :-)