Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 12

Fierce, fierce, FIERCE! That's the only way to describe these. They don't have a terribly interesting story, other than the fact I saw them MONTHS before I actually purchased. I had two DSW certificates to spend, and only 3 days before they expired. Now, I don't know if it pains the rest of you, as it does me, to waste coupons/certificates/gift cards - but any time I have ever let one go unused I feel like I'm pulling money out of my wallet, lighting a match, and watching it burn. Totally over dramatic, I get that (other than the gift cards, which thankfully most places have gone to those never expiring) but that's just how I feel. So I was DETERMINED to spend these two. But didn't have a lot of funds to cover the extra.

So... off to the clearance section of the site I went. I had actually forgotten about this pair - as I said, it had been months since I originally saw them - so much to my delight, they were in the list of results as I was browsing. Now, I am not one to usually say how much I spend on shoes. Especially not in a setting like this. But when you get a deal like this, it's hard not to brag. $150 original price - after clearance discount, certificates, tax and shipping: $53.

I felt like I hit the lottery.

*Insert a week of impatiently waiting for my shoes here* AND HERE THEY ARE!

Brand: Betsey Johnson Name: Trimm
Store: DSW.com
Review: 4" heel. No doubt, Betsey is consistent. Her shoes run easily 1/2 size small, maybe full size for some. You can kind of see in the picture, but the back of these shoes come up so far. Right where the bend between heel/ankle and leg is. As a result of that, and the fact that these are patent leather, you are GUARANTEED a blister if you do as much walking during the day as I do. I recommend investing in moleskin patches before wearing. I learned the hard way. *rubs ointment on blister*

Being that these are always worn to work, I know the outfits all tend to look the same, but feel the obligation to post anyway.

And now after all that, I realize, maybe their story isn't so bad after all!