Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 22

Ahhhhhhhhh, how I love this pair. Nothing says Katybug like pink and black. Especially hot pink and black. Add a 7" heel and I'm in love.

This is another ShoeDazzle purchase (shocker), so there's not really a new story to tell about them. But it's gloriously fun feeling like a giant when I wear them. As long as I don't stand next to Allison. There will never be a time I feel tall next to her. I don't even think these shoes would make me her height.

This will be one of the only times you see her in heels. My heels, at that. We like to make fun of ourselves.

So, back to the shoes! Here they are:

Brand: ShoeDazzle Name: Joss
Review: 7" heel. Fits true to size. *disclaimer about my freakishly long toes here* These shoes have a pretty tall platform, so even though the heel is over 6", you don't feel like it is. 

Yet another picture that makes me miss my tan. This outfit was a smidge risque for work. But hot shoes require a hot outfit. There's no going against that logic.