Thursday, September 6, 2012

6" Heels (Are Hard on the Knees)

Given I have been anticipating typing this blog for over a month, I felt the title was very important. So I started analyzing all of my fave Aerosmith songs, looking for the perfect lyric. After days of thinking about it, and hours today of really going through the songs, thinking about the lyrics, comparing that to my trip/night/concert experience... well it started to get a little ridiculous. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't have to use the EXACT words. As soon as I flipped that switch in my brain, the title instantly clicked.

So here we go! The Aerosmith concert. The sole reason (tee hee) for purchasing these shoes.

As soon as I heard Aerosmith was working in the studio - I mean SERIOUSLY working in the studio - again I decided it did not matter how much tickets were. We were going, and we were getting good seats, not just settling for what we could afford. As much as I hate thinking this way and cannot imagine my life without Aerosmith music, let's be honest - we never what is going to be their last album/tour. So why not experience it for everything it's worth? Granted, I would LOVE to be able to do the VIP packages that are like $1,500 a ticket. But realizing that was in no way a reality, being willing to purchase the best tickets for "regular" folk without seeing how much they were first is a big thing for me.

Once the tour was announced, I clicked on the link for tour dates/locations with my breath held. I knew already Memphis wasn't going to be on the list. We stopped getting good concerts years ago. But you never know anymore with a lot of artists, the South gets neglected on many tours. I do not count Florida as the South. UNLESS they go somewhere other than Miami or Orlando. Then I'll give them credit. But when they choose the tourist city, just so they can say they visited the South... whatever. So now I always just hope that there is a Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, etc date on the schedule. Something within reasonable driving distance where I don't have to take a full week off work just to attend.

Breath still held... it seemed like it took forever for the page to come up... and... EUREKA! Atlanta was one of the scheduled dates. Giddy with excitement, I instantly began planning the trip in my mind. Given it was Atlanta, this isn't hard for me to do. First thing I did, obviously, was checked the Braves schedule to see if they were at home that week (they were). That of course turned it into a two(ish) day trip to a "Do we want to stay a week?" trip.

Given that Allison and I initially bonded over our love for Aero via Twitter - all the while living in the same city and never knowing each other (gotta love social media) - I next contacted her to see if she planned on attending any shows. Much to my delight, Atlanta was her city of choice as well. We agreed we had to meet beforehand to "tailgate". At the time we had not met in person and we joked that it took us going out of town to meet. That ended up changing and we DID meet before Atlanta, though.

Cut to the search for the outfit. As stated before, I found the purse first and built the rest of the outfit around it:
Yes, those ARE skull "brass knuckles" for the handle.

For whatever reason, after all that searching for the outfit, I only took one full shot for you to be able to see it, and that doesn't even show the shoes. I think I was discombobulated from my wardrobe malfunctions. Plural.

The amazing expanding dress!!!!!!!! You have to see it to believe it!

I, of course, had to have rocked out hair as well.

Now, when I purchased my tickets I knew I had done good. I knew we were going to be close and really be able to enjoy the show. I had NO IDEA how good they were going to be. I had no idea we were going to be @ 10 rows away from Steve & Joe every time they came over to our side of the stage. I had no idea we were going to be on the Club Level (though I could've done without the encounter with the douche bartender; seriously, Club Level at Phillips Arena, Barcardi bar - looks like a shrunken version of Brian McCann... you've been warned). I had no idea we were going to be lucky enough to have the people next to us move down and therefore have plenty of room for me to dance... it was just awesome.

As always, the guys put on a great show. Great song selection, some really stand-out moments during the concert. My personal fave: when Joey was doing his drum solo, all lights on him... and out came Steven, drumsticks in hand... and started playing with/over/around Joey. EPIC moment, and I wish I'd thought to record. I was too lost in the awesomeness.

The Demon of Screamin

Mr. Joe Fucking Perry

Wish I could relive this moment over and over again. I know... Dream On.

The word is that Aero is doing a second leg of their tour when the album releases, I can only hope that they'll come remotely close again, ideally in multiple cities so we can continue to rock along with them. If not... ain't that a bitch.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 11

There is no way to describe these shoes other than SEX. They are sooooooo sexy, pictures don't do them justice. And rather appropriate for what I purchased them for. Wait... that makes it sound like... nevermind.

Let's start again. Once I knew for sure that we were going to the Aerosmith concert in Atlanta (more on that later), I knew I had to have a fabulously sexy rocker-chic outfit for the concert. I found my purse first, and had to build the rest of the outfit around that. The shoes were the last piece of the puzzle. Well, sort of.

I had my outfit selection narrowed down to two dresses and a top. So I had to find a pair of shoes that went with all three that way I wouldn't have to bring multiple pairs of shoes as well. The search began. Multiple sites, multiple evenings. Finally ran across these fantabulous beauties. But they were a little more than I was looking to spend. And so, as I have learned to do over the last few years, I wrote down the brand/name and started the search all over again. This time for the same pair of shoes, but just to see who had the best price. Ended up finding them on Amazon for a fraction of the price on every other site. VICTORY!

Brand: Chinese Laundry Name: Tippy Top
Review: 6 1/2" heel. No, you didn't read that wrong. Every site they're sold on says anywhere from 5 1/2" to 6". They're all lying. I measured it. It's easily 6 1/2" and maybe even a little closer to 7". However, the platform is a good 2"-3". Makes these shoes UBER-comfy. Fit true to size, and I absolutely LOVE them.

Obviously being at work, I had to tone down the outfit a bit - but I still had to make sure it rocked, and what better way than to represent with some houndstooth?

More in the next blog on the actual night of the concert and the rest of the outfit!!! Til then, shoe lovers!!