Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 17

Another ShoeDazzle purchase! Came into a little chunk of change, and decided it was a prime time to grab up several outfits, shoes, etc that I had been eyeballing for a while, but didn't have the funds to purchase. This pair was in that group.

Now I'm sure these shoes would have a sweet little blog to go with them if I had typed it when I first got them and took these pictures. However, I soon learned they are incredibly dangerous. I now have multiple permanent bruises to prove it. Ok... in fairness, it's probably the escalator's fault, but...

Let me backtrack.

I had only had the shoes for maybe a week. Wore them once to work in the below outfit. Decided to wear them on a Friday the next week, because if anything can put the exclamation point on a Friday, it's wearing a new pair of shoes. We had a meeting downtown that afternoon. Were headed downstairs at the convention center to the seminar room... stepped on the escalator... and somehow, someway... my heel got caught in the grooves. My ankle twisted, I tried to catch my balance with my other foot, but it landed two steps apart, and as the steps separated, I quickly learned the skirt I had on did not allow for the splits. Down I went. Thankfully, my co-workers were in front of me. Far enough they couldn't catch me, but close enough to keep me from tumbling all the way down. We got to the bottom of the escalator, I got my bearings, and looked down at my legs... already black & blue where they were scraped up. 

To the seminar we went. I happened to glance down at my shoes when we sat down, and saw the one that got caught was scraped to hell on one side. Not kidding you, I almost burst into tears. I was more upset about my shoes than I was my mangled legs. This was only the second time I'd worn them! And now they looked like they had been mauled by a bear. When our seminar was over and we were all walking back out to the car, everyone was all concerned for my legs. "Are you ok to walk?" "Does it hurt?" I said "I'm fine, but my shoes... :-("

The only comfort I have is that I have the below picture of when they were still in pristine condition. And I WILL say the scratches have faded a tad since then (they're made of sort of a faux suede material). But still there, and I still have the bruises over three months later - though they've faded, too.

Brand: ShoeDazzle Name: Sami
Review: 5" heel. Fits true to size. HOWEVER: now that I've worn these a few times since the escalator incident, I find that every time I am kind of losing my balance, or not real sturdy on them. I finally figured out that it's because the toe area is so small - as I've said before, I have very long toes - and I think I'm losing a bit of feeling in them, therefore throwing me off my walking game. Because we all know I'm used to the heel height, so that can't be it. So if anything, I'd say they fit a tad small for long-toed freaks like me.

Do you want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnnnnnnnnnng jacket?

Not too shocking - I was representing with my Bama-themed accessories.

I have now discovered the perfect phone holder to set the timer on my camera and take pics, so this is the last blog you will see the selfies in. Though, I guess even if you're not holding the camera... if no one else is either it's still a selfie. Right? Someone get back to me on that.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 16

Well... I said I was going to get caught up in January. Then all hell broke loose, and now here we are 3 months later, and I am not caught up.

So forgive me for my tardiness, and I will try my best to catch us up so I can start shoe shopping again.

I have been a bit "obsessed" with these for a few years now. I use the term obsessed loosely, as obviously taking 2-3 years to pull the trigger and purchase them doesn't really qualify. Seems like every time I would think about them, I didn't have the money to buy. Then when I did, I would be lusting over another pair, and these would get forgotten.

So while Christmas shopping online this past year, I happened to be hitting Amazon hard for as many presents as possible, to cut down on other sites/stores I had to go to. Something clicked in my brain about these shoes, and I thought, "Well... I'm already shopping and spending a ridiculous amount. Why not just add these to the tally?"

So in my shopping cart they went.

To backtrack just a bit, I initially ran across these when doing a random search for houndstooth shoes. Fell in love with these because of the houndstooth factor (ROLL TIDE), and the cute little ruffle at the ankle opening. Any time I can represent AND be girly, I'm all for it. 

Cut back to the day I wore these - apparently no one else understood the girly representation, and all they saw was "witch shoes". I don't remember ever seeing a witch wearing houndstooth ruffle ankle boots, but I'll let you be the judge.

Brand: Pleaser Name: DECTECTIVE-66
Review: 4" heel. Fits true to size, and as with most ankle boots, is super comfortable.

As always, super simple outfit for cute ankle boots. It WAS cold that week, so I added the tights for warmth. Interested to see what my outfit selection will be if I wear them on their own.

On to the next!