Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 25 & 26

I was hesitant to even give this post the same title as the others, simply because these shoes are so UnKatie-like. But given I am posting them so I can get to the fun post for them, might as well stick with the tried-and-true method.

I needed some flats for an upcoming trip. So I skipped my usual stops (and sites) and decided since I probably wouldn't wear the shoes that often, I needed to go cheap. Started at Payless, which is where I found the first pair. Then set off for the black pair. I was after a pair of black flats. As anyone who is close to me knows - and hell, maybe even my readers now, as I'm sure I've mentioned it once or twice in these blogs - I am NOT a fan of wedges. Just not my style. I needed flats, I wanted flats, flats were my mission. After 3-4 stores, it became ridiculously clear that flats were not going to happen. The only black flats I could find were either ugly as sin, or just plain black flip-flops with a little cheap flower glued to the top. If I was going to go that route, the dollar store would work just fine. So JUST as I was about to give up and think of another route to go, or head to stores where I would've been paying more than I wanted to, I stumbled across the second pair. Instantly thought, No. I hate wedges. But then thought about the money aspect and that they were the cutest I had found since I'd been searching. So I gave in.

Since that day, I'd be willing to bet I have worn them more than any of my other shoes to work. The soles are SO comfortable, and since they just slide on and off, they accommodate my barefoot-while-at-my-desk working style. I'm able to pop them back on really quick if I need to run downstairs for something.

Now, I will say (not that any of you would know which shoes I am talking about), if my black ladybug (katybug) flips-flops weren't out of commission, these wedges probably wouldn't be seeing as much use. I basically just have to have a simple, comfortable, goes-with-everything shoe. Because I am one of the most anti-morning people you'll ever meet. So if I don't have something in mind I want to wear that day, or a new pair of shoes, I'm going to go to the closest to PJs that a business-casual dress code will allow. If I could go to work in Cookie Monster PJs every day, I totally would.

That may be a sad goal to have in life, but I'm rolling with it.

Because these shoes are so unlike me, I do not know the names. Didn't even think to look before tossing the boxes, since I didn't think I'd be blogging them. 

Brand: American Eagle
Store: Payless
Review: 1/2" heel (if even). Fits a little wide. Comfy, but their flats. Not much to write home about.

While this new picture location is allowing for whole outfit viewing, the lighting is not ideal. Still thinking this one through.

Brand: Italia
Store: I honestly forget. I had been to so many at that point... it was a TJ Maxx type store. Closeouts and such.
Review: 2" wedge. Fits true to size. As I said above, SO comfy. The straps DO dig in a smidge sometimes depending on how much walking you do. But other than that, fab.

Black & white. Katie's wardrobe, defined.

Alright, one fun post, then back to the SERIOUS shoes!

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