Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 15

And the ShoeDazzle love affair begins...

I signed up for ShoeDazzle about a year ago, maybe a little less than that. Bought the purse that I carried to the Aerosmith concert in July, but then honestly didn't pay much attention to the next few months' links.

Now, if you don't know how ShoeDazzle works, you basically fill out a quick survey when you first sign up for the site. It asks you about your tastes, gives you examples of shoes and asks you to pick your faves, etc. From that, their team of stylists picks out a monthly showroom that matches your taste. As your membership continues, you're occasionally sent chances to tweak what choices you're getting each month, in case you're not satisfied. Almost everything on the site is $39; so really affordable, especially for the shoes. It's probably a little much for some of the purses/jewelry. But then again, my love is stronger for shoes, so maybe if I were obsessed with purses/jewelry I would be inclined to spend more on them.

I got this pair during one of the promotions they were running. That's usually when they reel me in. I look at my monthly showroom, sometimes see a couple of things I like but usually talk myself out of it. Until I get the "Today Only!" e-mails. Then... it's all over.

Brand: Shoe Dazzle Name: Pansy
Review: 6" heel. Fits true to size. I really don't know if you can go wrong on the comfort factor with boots. Maybe if you had the wrong size... regardless, these are very comfortable. I will say, my ankles are pretty skinny - you can see how much extra space there is at the top of the shoe - so the zipper did start to rub a bit by the end of the day. 

There's not much I love more with an ankle boot than either a bulky sweater or a sweater dress. While they work with pants/long skirts, too - I think it's more fun to let them stand out on their own and get the attention they deserve!

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