Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 13

Well, it's a new year! I figure, what better time to catch up on the shoe blogs I have let pile up?

This pair is one of the oldest in my closet, other than some old cheapos that I never wear, yet can't seem to bring myself to throw/give away. The logic in that? I have no idea. I can go through my clothes a few times a year and pull what I never wear, doesn't fit, or I have grown too old for, and pack up in a box for Goodwill without a second thought. And when I say a box for Goodwill, I mean my friend Kelly - who then proceeds to go through, keep what she wants and THEN gives to Goodwill. But you know... minute details.

The funny thing about the "grown too old for" aspect is that it wasn't too long *cough* 10 years *cough* ago that Kelly & I both insisted we didn't care how old we were, we would always wear whatever we wanted. Now when I look at those clothes that we wore when we said that... well thank goodness neither of us thinks that way anymore. Nobody wants to see a 30-something woman walking around in a shirt that says I  Boys.

*cue sirens*

But, I digress. The shoes. Despite these being fairly old, they are still one of my favorite pairs. They're attention-getters. And I know it shocks you all that I would like anything that brings attention my way.

Take a moment. Compose yourselves.

I don't have an interesting story to go with these, given how old they are. Only thing I remember is I bought them online after being influenced by a co-worker who had bought several new pairs of shoes that week. This was before my inner shoe-whore had been brought out, but I guess when exposed to enough stimulants...

Brand: Nine West
Review: 4" heel. Fits true to size, however with them being mostly cloth, your toes tend to slide to the front of the shoe, almost making it look like you're trying to cram your feet into shoes that are too small. Consisdering how little support they have, they are actually REALLY comfortable. I don't wear them too often to work, because I do so much walking that they come untied a lot if I don't tie them just right. Regardless. LOVE.

Hate that you can't see the shoes very well in this picture, but you get the idea. I always try to go simple with the outfit when I have a shoe that steals the attention.

One blog down... 4 to go!

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