Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 11

There is no way to describe these shoes other than SEX. They are sooooooo sexy, pictures don't do them justice. And rather appropriate for what I purchased them for. Wait... that makes it sound like... nevermind.

Let's start again. Once I knew for sure that we were going to the Aerosmith concert in Atlanta (more on that later), I knew I had to have a fabulously sexy rocker-chic outfit for the concert. I found my purse first, and had to build the rest of the outfit around that. The shoes were the last piece of the puzzle. Well, sort of.

I had my outfit selection narrowed down to two dresses and a top. So I had to find a pair of shoes that went with all three that way I wouldn't have to bring multiple pairs of shoes as well. The search began. Multiple sites, multiple evenings. Finally ran across these fantabulous beauties. But they were a little more than I was looking to spend. And so, as I have learned to do over the last few years, I wrote down the brand/name and started the search all over again. This time for the same pair of shoes, but just to see who had the best price. Ended up finding them on Amazon for a fraction of the price on every other site. VICTORY!

Brand: Chinese Laundry Name: Tippy Top
Review: 6 1/2" heel. No, you didn't read that wrong. Every site they're sold on says anywhere from 5 1/2" to 6". They're all lying. I measured it. It's easily 6 1/2" and maybe even a little closer to 7". However, the platform is a good 2"-3". Makes these shoes UBER-comfy. Fit true to size, and I absolutely LOVE them.

Obviously being at work, I had to tone down the outfit a bit - but I still had to make sure it rocked, and what better way than to represent with some houndstooth?

More in the next blog on the actual night of the concert and the rest of the outfit!!! Til then, shoe lovers!!


  1. I saw those shoes! Maybe a pair with platforms AND heels would help me adjust... I used to wear platforms all the time.

    1. Platforms definitely make heels easier/more comfy. I mean, think about it, I wore those for the walk to the restaurant/to the arena/standing & dancing for the whole concert/the walk back to the car. They hurt just a smidge by the end of the night, but that was the top strappy part from standing/dancing in them all night.

    2. I'm going to look into the platform/heel style. My biggest problem walking in heels is the abrupt slope of my foot making my toes feel weird, so this might be the key.

    3. Yes. Platforms help avoid that "my toes are sliding of the edge of the front of my shoe" feeling.