Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There's No Place Like Oz

I cannot remember a time in my life that “The Wizard of Oz” was not a part of. That’s probably because growing up, I would watch it at least once a day. Now to me, this sounds like perfection, and still to this day I wonder why I don’t watch it more often than I do now. But I can imagine to my parents and my sister, it was like “AGAIN????” Thankfully, they did not stifle who I was though, and now can be proud (or ashamed?) of their contribution to my crazy, possibly-a-little-out-of-control, obsession with “The Wizard of Oz”.
Sometimes I have to explain to people that I am not obsessed with all things Oz. While I obviously pay homage to the book, and even have several copies [though I don’t think I’ve ever read it all the way through] on various shelves, I do not have a pull towards it like I do the movie. The movie wouldn’t have been the movie without the book. I get that. But I’m not going to buy every single copy of the book I don’t have, like I do the movie. I think I am up to 7 copies of “The Wizard of Oz” now. The one nearest and dearest to my heart, my first copy - recorded from TV, complete with 80s commercials; the rest divided between VHS and DVD copies. Every time a new version is released I have to buy it, just in case there are bonus features I haven’t seen. Or the packaging is different. Or it’s an Anniversary Edition. Or… well… you get the point.
The Scarecrow is my favorite character in “The Wizard of Oz”. I think when I was younger it was probably because he was Dorothy’s favorite. Growing up, it’s been more about my favorite line from the movie. “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” Two reasons I love that line. One, it is SO true. Think about it. The people that usually know the least about the situation are the ones that have the most to say. Two, while I am not by any means stupid or without brains, I do have my blonde moments [which I embrace proudly] and anyone who knows me in person knows I sometimes *cough* all the time *cough* can talk a lot, so I relate to it as well.
I love how this movie still holds true as a classic, even 73 years after it was released. You’ll see it in every movie countdown. You’ll see it on any show you watch on TV right now. No seriously, you’ll hate me for pointing it out to you, because now it will jump out at you. I can’t think of one show we watch or have on DVD that doesn’t have at least one Oz reference in it over the seasons. Even reality TV. “House, M.D.” is particularly fond of this movie. I’d love to pick the brains of the writers, to see which one of them is an Oz freak. CONSTANT references to Oz over all of the seasons. In music, funny lines, posters on the wall…
Which leads into my own little treasure trove of Oz goodies. I have really had to tone myself down over the last couple of years and only buy the unique, haven’t-seen-this-a-million-times items. Otherwise I would have no room to live. My entire guest room is devoted to “The Wizard of Oz”. If I were to take a picture of each individual item or set, this blog would be 10 miles long. Instead, I’m just going to give you the general idea.
While this was taken as the shelves were still a work-in-progress, it does showcase all of the Oz items I had at the time. The bottom two shelves that are empty in this pic are now filled with my Disney snowglobes and misc. collectibles.
Since then we have added this Wicked Witch snowglobe which plays her theme song and has smoke that swirls eerily around inside the crystal ball.
And this stagecoach. Probably one of my favorite things on the shelf, since they rarely make the “black and white” collectibles. It plays the entire “What’s this I see?” audio from the movie.
Who has a Wizard of Oz cuckoo clock? I do! Toto is the “cuckoo bird” and barks on the hour.
The bed and opposite wall house everything else Oz.
Probably still one of my fave things in the whole room. So simple, yet so funny.
And since this is the “fun post” for the shoes you met here, one last pic of the Ruby Peep-Toes. This pic was taken a couple of years ago when we were off to see The Wizard at the summer movie series at The Orpheum. I of course had to wear my Dorothy-esque blue gingham top!


  1. "It's not a place you can get to by a boat or a train... it's far, far away... take me to the farm!"

    I LOVE the Wizard of I haven't read the books either, though I have a couple copies of various ones throughout the series. I also used to have Oz Pez dispensers.

    1. Love that song (of course)! :-)

      Yep, left bookcase, top shelf (not the top of the case) on the left side. Oz Pez dispensers. :-)

  2. Who got you those cool Pez dispensers? :P

    1. Hmmm... I can't remember.

      Kidding. ;-)

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    1. Thanks so much!

      Just followed your blog as well!