Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 4

I’ve actually had this pair of shoes for a year or so now, so I don’t remember if there is some wonderful or dramatic story to go with them. I do remember that I got them for super cheap during one of my first trips in years to Rack Room. They were already on clearance, plus they were my ½ off pair, so I think they ended up being like $7.

I was slow to jump on the ankle boot bandwagon. In fact, these are still my only pair. Have seen plenty I love, just never hit the purchase button for some reason. But when they first became THE thing a couple years ago, I wasn’t sold. They kinda reminded me of a pair of pants or a long skirt that had shrunk and was now in that weird in-between area. Not really long, but not really short… just… off. But when I saw the price I could get these for, and the fact I knew I had a sweater in my closet they matched perfectly, I took the plunge. SO happy I did. They lend themselves to a rockstar feel for some reason. I find myself walking with attitude and purpose when I wear them.

Brand: XAPPEAL Name: Gia
Store: Rack Room Shoes
Review: 4” heel. Fits perfectly to size. Just enough space in them if you want to add a pair of socks, you can. I will say, for some reason the right boot puts pressure on the top of my foot like every other time I wear them. I don’t do anything differently, so that could just be a weird Katybug-ism – not the shoe.

I was tentative when I first got these. I started wearing them with tights, then would do tights or leggings. Now I don’t care. I’ll wear them with anything and OWN it.

If you do not yet have any ankle boots in your collection, I highly recommend you get at least one pair and then party like a rockstar!


  1. I love that outfit. I think that's a look I could rock, so maybe ankle boots will be my stepping stone.

    1. Thanks!! Yes! We finally found a gateway to bring you over to the heel side! Let's begin the search!

      On a related note, I am a bit obsessed with these right now: http://www.amazon.com/DETECTIVE-66-Black-Faux-Leather-Houndstooth-Fabric/dp/B00756KNL8/ref=sr_1_38?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1337168516&sr=1-38

  2. Ankle boots are yummy. I mean, they are very attractive. I find them visually appealing