Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 3

So these shoes were a happy accident that you read about in my first post. I seriously am only at Wolfchase once every couple of years, if even that, since I worked there. I think I'm a bit allergic. Plus anyone that's ever been to Wolfchase knows, it's always Christmas-crowded. You're going to be bumping into people, annoyed at parents that refuse to take care of their kids, and thumbing through gone-over-50-times racks in almost every store. Just a whole lot of frustrating, and not worth it in my opinion. We went there for a very specific (non-shoe-related) purpose that night and just decided to walk the whole mall. Started at the bottom floor at one side, did the full length, then moved upstairs. Got halfway up the escalator and I remembered... Rack Room!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly the annoyance level that I was at seemed slightly worth it.

Dove into the store and let me tell you... I could go on for an hour about how annoyed I was while I was shopping. I do not understand why most parents these days could give a shit about how their kids act in public. In my day (yes I just said that) I could barely get loud, much less act out without getting spoken to. Just ONE example in the store that night... "He started it!" "No, HE started it!" "Did not!" *punch* "DID TOO!" *HARD PUNCH* *soft voice* "boys stop." *insert chasing each other, punching, running into customers scene here - with Mom still shoe shopping, paying no attention* So I was almost about to just walk out, decide it wasn't worth it. Until I saw these beauties:

Brand: G by Guess Name:
Store: Rack Room Shoes
Review: 5" heel. Fits about as close to size as you could ask for. I used this picture because if you'll notice, my baby toe is almost popping out from under the strap. I mentioned in a previous post I have long toes. I failed to mention the exception is my baby toe. I have actually been asked before if I only have 4 toes. So the fact I can comfortably wear strappy shoes like these, should speak to how comfortable this shoe fits. LOVE.

The outfit:
Kinda wish the outfit were better with as many attempts as it took me to get this picture to load. I started this blog last week, and for whatever reason, this pic just did NOT want to load upright/kept coming in on its side. But I finally got it. Don't ask how. I don't know.

The accessories were good this day, too:
I absolutely adore this necklace, however it *DOES* lend itself to an unproductive day. It's very easy to get lost in fidgeting with the beads. But then again, I'm one of those girls that twirls her hair all day long, so...

**Be aware - I have a $10 DSW that must used before 4/21. MORE SHOES TO COME!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the necklace. Pink and black are my favorite combo.

    1. Mine too. I'd say that's probably 80% of my wardrobe. :-)