Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gettin’ Buggy With It

No, the name of my blog page is not just a coincidence. I actually have an obsession with all things ladybug, or katybug, as known in my circle.

It started when I was a youngster. My grandfather always called me Katydid, and that caught on throughout my family. Not really sure how that transitioned to – or if there was even any connection – Katybug, but at some point during my school years my friends started calling me that. Most memorably, my friend Natalie in high school. That’s when I think *I* adopted it as my nickname.

Push forward a couple more years, and somehow someway ladybugs were crowned katybugs in our little group, and the rest is history. I started collecting, on a very limited basis, little katybug collectibles. It started so innocent. Now, years later, there is no part of my life without katybugs in it. Even my license plate says Katybug. Spelled differently to accommodate the state of TN, but Katybug all the same. So the next pair of shoes should come as no surprise.

Store: Shoe Carnival
Review: Kitten heel. Fit small, these are actually a full size larger than what I usually wear. Obviously being near-flat flip-flops, they’re super comfy. And given they have katybugs on them, I of COURSE love them dearly.

More katybugs. I have a new katybug dress that I need to let out just a smidge in the top before I can wear it, but it WILL be showcased here eventually. Perfection.

And the accessories. Even katybugs on the glasses.

One question I get ALL the time is “Why do you spell it Katybug and not Katiebug, since Katie is how you spell your name?” I have multiple answers for this, and I’m not sure which is the right one. But the two I use most often are “Maybe because I insisted people spell my name with a y when I was younger.” And “I guess my friends just thought ladybug and replaced the beginning of it with the beginning of my name.”

Either way, rest assured the Katybug collection will only continue to grow!

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