Friday, July 6, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 9

I am so super excited about this post. Not only because the shoes are super cute. But because it'll lead into my "fun" post for these shoes. And let's be honest. We all already know what's coming.
Every time I wear these shoes to work, I get two reactions. The people that are aware of my Wizard of Oz obsession and say "Hey Dorothy", and the people that [clearly] live under a rock and have no clue about my Wizard of Oz obsession and say "Hey, has anyone ever told you those shoes look like the Ruby Slippers?" And that usually leads into me going into a long, detailed, and much more than they thought they were in for, description of my everlasting love for everything Wizard of Oz. More on that in the next blog. Let's get to the shoes.

Got these at "same mall, same store" when I was in town for the Christina Aguilera concert a few years back with my bestie. She must be given all of the credit, because she spotted them from like 4 stores away and instantly pulled me in there to try them on. The thing I love most about them (other than the obvious Ruby Slipper association) is that even if my outfit isn't super snazzy, as you'll see below, they give it a little kick and still get attention. And... who are we kidding... I'm all about the attention!
Brand: Luichiny "Name": L78318
Store: Off Broadway Shoes
Review: 4" heel. Fits pretty true to size, not super comfortable though. The insides of the shoe almost feel like they're lined with glitter, too. I endure it simply because they are what they are, but I would never actually tell people they were comfortable if that was going to be the make or break factor.
See? Simple outfit, but still snazzy because LOOK AT THE SHOES!
And now I can FINALLY type the blog I have been waiting all my life for! :)

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