Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 5

Here they are. The shoes that awoke the beast. We were on vacation in Atlanta, shopping at our fave mall, Discover Mills, and walked into Off Broadway Shoes. At the time my shoe addict beast was in hibernation. I saw plenty of shoes I loved, but admired them from afar and moved on without purchasing. Granted, financial issues helped with that decision. But still…

We walked into Off Broadway, and these bad boys were right at the front (understandably so). I tried them on, and instantly fell in love. Stupid of me to try them on. Stupid of me to walk in the store. We knew we didn’t have any more money to spend if we wanted to be able to pay for gas on the way back home. I sadly placed them back in their box and walked out of the mall. The rest of the trip and the whole way home, I kept talking about the shoes. Thinking about the shoes. Dreaming about the shoes.

I had to have them.

Now thankfully I have a very good memory. I used to say it was photographic when I was younger. I think age has put a dent in that theory. I tend to forget things easily while at work. Someone can ask me to send them a file, I’ll say ok, and five seconds later I’ve forgotten about it. I tend to either forget, or block out, painful memories. But when it comes to the deliciously random details of life, they are stuck to my brain like glue. I can quote the entire movie “The Wizard of Oz” (as my Dad would say: animal noises, and all) top to bottom without thinking twice. I can recall conversations that were had with friends months before, and bring them up when having a related discussion months later. And much to my delight, I apparently can remember the names of shoes after only looking at the box once as I try them on.

Cue the Google search. Up comes and the rest is history. Ever since I purchased these shoes, I have been on a full-blown shoe binge. Doesn’t help that DSW has a rewards program, so I’m always earning coupons/certificates. I can’t stand letting free money go to waste. I think the only thing saving me from being homeless on the street living in a shoe house is I do make sure to only buy the shoes if they speak to me. I don’t buy shoes just to buy shoes.

So without further ado, here they are:

Brand: Steve Madden Name: Saassi
Review: 5” heel. Fit just a smidge big. Not big enough to go down a half size, especially since the strap keeps your foot from sliding in and out all day. Super comfortable. This is a pair I think I could get away with wearing all day and all night and not come away with blisters the next day.

Nothing over-the-top on the outfit. I let the shoes be the star.

I *almost* put 6” heel on the review for this pair, because technically they’re about 5 ½”. Couldn’t decide if anything over 5” qualified as 6”, so I just stuck with 5”. They’re tall. Let’s leave it at that.

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