Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lordy, Lordy. Look Who's 40. (Not Me!)

Couldn't resist the silly title. Anyone that knows me knows age has always been a joke in my life. When I was younger, everyone thought I was older. Now that I'm "older" everyone thinks I'm younger. Growing up most of my friends were older, so I didn't hang out with people my age. And in adulthood, I was (and am) known to hang out at times with my Daddy (before he passed) and his friends. So, whatever. It's a stupid number that means nothing in the general scheme of things.

That being said, I love throwing a party. So -  if you happen to have a boo that has a 40th b-day coming up...

Why not come up with an epic party idea?!

So, I told Steve this: "You don't have a choice that we're going on vacation for your birthday. You only get to choose where." I started researching options, in case he stuck by his "I don't know..." theory. But before I could really commit to a place, he already had an idea. Miami. Turns out, our favorite hockey team was playing the day before his birthday. Then, lo and behold, his favorite NBA team was playing there 3 days later. It was perfect. Plus: a beach! (Those reading this that don't know me... I have a bit... A BIT... of a bikini obsession. OPPORTUNITY.)

So, we started planning. I decided that, while the Braves weren't playing while we were in town, why not take the opportunity to see another MLB stadium? So we added that to the plan. 

Many days of counting down occurred. And finally...


There are a lot of pictures, and I could bombard this post with them all. But the point is: our week was wonderful as always. Spending time together is always precious. Doesn't matter what we're doing. But doing fun stuff certainly makes it even better. This week, more than ever, made me realize how much I want our life to be forever. Steve just makes everything in my life right. He calms my anxiety. He makes me remember that it's not me against the world. He makes me giggle even when the situation is annoying. Plus, you know, he loves me. 

Slight disclaimer: if you've never been to Miami, I definitely don't recommend it. I didn't expect it to be so run down and stinky. Only chance we ever go back is to see the Dolphins (Steve's fave NFL team) play at home. Other than that: HARD. PASS. 

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