Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 21

Oh, the joy ShoeDazzle brings to my life. While it HAS made me abandon my other shoe searches, therefore probably missing out on some shoes I would like to have, the whole letting-store-credit-increase-until-I-find-something-I-really-want aspect is just fabulous for a girl on a budget.

New shoes, without the guilt.

This pair is actually way out of the box for my normal purchases. I very rarely buy anything white/nude because most of my wardrobe is black/red/pink. Also, I hate gold. Many times I have fallen head over heels for a pair of shoes, until I see the accents are gold and not silver. Instant mind change. But for whatever reason on this pair, the way the straps came diagonally across the foot really grabbed me, and I decided to look past all of that. Tossed them in my shopping cart along with one other pair (which you'll see whenever I get around to typing up the next blog), and a super cute ring. All of that for $30. Thank you, VIP credit!

Even after I ordered these, I wasn't sure what I would wear with them. So they just sat in my closet, biding their time until the right moment came along. Lo and behold one morning I grabbed one of my favorite dresses from the closet. Usually I wear various slip-on sandals with this dress, simply because I've never found a pair of heels I like that go with it. 


I happen to have a brand new pair of neutral shoes in the closet... slipped them on, and... PERFECT. I now have the perfect shoes to wear with a fabulous dress. I'm sure they'll make their way into other outfits after this, but for now, at least I know they have a purpose with this dress, and thereby solidified themselves as a worth-it purchase.

Brand: ShoeDazzle Name: Leyla
Review: 6" heel. Fits true to size.* As usual, with a ShoeDazzle pump, they're a bit "small" on me because of my long toes. Basically fits true to size, I just have to slide them on just right so my toes aren't crunched in weird I'm-not-supposed-to-bend-that-way positions.
*Buggy revision: After a second time wearing these to work, I have determined they fit a little TOO tight in the front, even with my crazy long toes. I recommend going up a half size, unless you have short toes.

This dress is SO comfy. And now I can wear it more often because: SHOES!
Also, as I am looking at this picture, I am thinking "MAN, I miss my tan."

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