Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 14

We're diving into the cold weather shoes, people!

I am a bit obsessed with these boots. It all started when I saw a co-worker wearing over-the-knee boots one day. The boots and her outfit were so cute, I decided I needed to copy the look. While searching for a pair of grey boots, I ran across these lovelies at a REALLY good price. Considering almost all of my wardrobe is either black or red, I knew they'd still get plenty of use, so I changed my mind on grey and purchased these instead.

Now, you wanna talk about attention-getters. THESE. GET. ATTENTION. Every time I wear them, I either get the "Those are so cuuuuuuute!" comments, or my personal fave, the up-down judgemental eyes. Those eyes are usually followed by the person realizing I am watching them, and they quickly slap on a smile and say "Girl, those boots are SEXY!" what they're really thinking is "I can't believe she wore those hooker boots to work!"

That reaction is hilarious, and I'll tell you why. If their brain instantly goes to hooker when they see over-the-knee boots... well... I'm just wondering what they're doing with their spare time is all I'm gonna say. While I agree these boots are very sexy (especially if you flip up the fold-over flap... err... I mean...), I am never one of the opinion that a shoe can't be worn in multiple ways, places, environments. If you're feeling it, I say rock 'em proudly!

Name: Diba
Review: 4" heel. Fits true to size. These boots are comfortable. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're extremely comfortable, the leather is really thick, and lined heavily on the inside. So it makes for a VERY warm wear. Either be prepared to be hot, or only wear them on cold days. Being that they're over the knee and thick leather, they actually move pretty well. I've worn them to work a couple times and by the end of the day am ready to get them off, but not in pain.

I was loving my outfit that day. Super simple - again, when you have an attention-grabbing shoe, play down the outfit - but foxy-posh at the same time. I may have just invented a new fashion term, there. Foxy-posh. Mark it down. ©Katybug, 2013.


  1. Super warm boots, huh? If I didn't have "healthy thighs" (coined by my mother, but not as catchy, or flattering, as "foxy-posh") I'd have to try a pair! I'm always FREEZING at work, whether I'm wearing pants or tights and ankle boots.

    1. Yeah I'm cold a lot at work, too. Usually wrapped up in my shawl or a sweater. Ankle boots, you say? Would these be HEELED ankle boots? *raised eyebrow*

    2. Hahahahahaha ohhh no, these are black flat boots with fuzziness inside. You'd probably die a bit inside if you saw them.

    3. Lol well... a girl can dream.