Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! 2

I've decided it's just easier to number these posts, rather than come up with cute little blog title posts for each. Especially if I start blogging about things other than just the shoes/clothes I'm wearing that day.

Also, it's occurred to me that most of these blog posts will always be based around my work outfit, which is fine, but not always the most fun outfit that goes with the shoes. So I might start a spinoff for the casual/fun outfits for shoes you've already seen. We'll see where the blog takes us.

So this pair doesn't have a super exciting story. I had a coupon for DSW - and I try to make it a point to never let a coupon go wasted. I am still ill over my $50 wasted (expired) Kohl's cash from a few weeks ago. Makes my stomach hurt even just typing that. $50. I could've gotten all KINDS of Cookie Monster PJs for that... but I digress. My coupon was for $10 off $59, $20 off $79, $35 off $99 (disclaimer: the second two amounts could be wrong - the first one was the one I used) - so I went in just to see what I could find. Now let me say, I am a huge fan of DSW. Always frequented them when shopping out of town. Never knew we had one here in Memphis until a co-worker clued me in a few months ago. This was my first visit to said location. Was NOT impressed. Much smaller than other locations I have been to, and selection was just "eh". Wandered the aisles for 20 minutes or so, trying on shoes that didn't really speak to me, trying to convince myself they were "cute enough" for the coupon. But who wants to buy shoes that are "cute enough"? No one. No one, that's who. So I aimlessly wandered back to the clearance section, and stumbled upon these shoes. Who knew you could find better selection in clearance than on the aisles? Enjoy.

Brand: JS by Jessica Name: Edore
Store: DSW
Review: 5" heel. Fits a little large. I think if I went down a half size, it would be uncomfortable. I think some insoles should be enough to do the trick. After a full day of wearing them at work, I was ready to get home and get them off because my heel kept sliding out of them as I walked.
*Additional note: This is my first pair of shoes with this brand, but just from my experience in the store trying them on (multiple styles) it seems to be all over the place size-wise. I had one style I had to go down to an 8.5, one I had to go up to a 9.5. Definitely try on and walk around a bit before you buy.

And the outfit:
Can I say, I did this pose (which I call the pee-pee pose) just to bring some humor into the blog, because it always cracks me up when models pose like this. But once I saw the pic... I kinda get it now. Showcases the shape of the clothes, which is what they're hired to sell.
Touché, pee-pee posers.


  1. You wore that TO WORK? Good god woman, I take back my comment about wearing "cute outfits" to work. I look nice compared to everyone there in jeans and t-shirts, but I'd look like a sack of potatoes next to me.

    I hate to admit, but your blog is making me want to purchase AND WEAR a pair of heels... and document it all, of course.

    1. Interesting. How exactly DO you stand next to yourself? I'd like to give it a shot... ;-)

      Yes I wore this to work, but I *did* have my little bolero sweater on over it (that is in the outfit pic on my first post). I would be helpless without that thing. It gets worn almost every day.

      Oh man!!!!!!!!!!! This excites me to no end. You should wear them to Aerosmith!

    2. Bahahahaha, no more commenting when exhausted. Next to YOU, of course.

      I have some sweaters/shrugs like that I wear a lot over tanks too.

      Haha NO that would be the biggest distaster! Trying to walk in them is one thing, dancing is another entirely.

    3. But think of the entertainment value from my standpoint...